Children’s Educational Network (CEN)
is a holding company that was formed in June 2004 to create a fully integrated suite of Internet software products that empowers parents to provide children a safe platform and meaningful tools to accelerate their children’s education, entertainment, and exploration of the "Information Superhighway" free from hate, violence, pornography and online predators.

Through the years CEN has expanded its vision to focus on the education of children with their patented “Educational Rewards System” , hosted at where children play educational games, earn a virtual currency (TUKI Moola) and then can win real products in the TUKI Auction.

In their most recent endeavors they have created a new subsidiary called BYOU, which has a mission to build the self-esteem of girls, teens, and young women worldwide, encouraging them to embrace their unique and authentic selves. Including a self-esteem apparel line in partnership with Cymphonique Miller.

Cymphonique is also the official teen spokesperson for Club TUKI and has partnered with CEN to use her fame to have a positive impact on children worldwide.

Cymphonique has recently signed a deal with Nickelodeon for her own TV show as well as a Sony Recording contract.


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